price elasticity of demand

price elasticity of demand UK US noun [U]
ECONOMICS ELASTICITY OF DEMAND(Cf. ↑elasticity of demand)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • Price elasticity of demand — Not to be confused with Price elasticity of supply. PED is derived from the percentage change in quantity (%ΔQd) and percentage change in price (%ΔP). Price elasticity of demand (PED or Ed) is a measure used in economics to show the… …   Wikipedia

  • Price Elasticity Of Demand — A measure of the responsiveness of the quantity demanded of a good to a change in its price. It is calculated as: If a small change in price is accompanied by a large change in quantity demanded, the product is said to be elastic (or responsive… …   Investment dictionary

  • price elasticity of demand — Econ the percentage change in demand divided by the percentage change in price of a good …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • elasticity of demand — The degree of buyers responsiveness to price changes. Elasticity is measured as the percent change in quantity divided by the percent change in price. A large value (greater than 1) of elasticity indicates sensitivity of demand to price, e.g.,… …   Financial and business terms

  • Price elasticity of supply — In economics, the price elasticity of supply is defined as a numerical measure of the responsiveness of the quantity supplied of product (A) to a change in price of product (A) alone. :E s = frac{% mbox{change in quantity supplied{% mbox{change… …   Wikipedia

  • price elasticity — ➔ elasticity of demand …   Financial and business terms

  • price elasticity — / praɪs i:læˌstɪsɪti/ noun a situation where a change in price has the effect of causing a big change in demand …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • Elasticity of Demand —   The ratio of the percentage change in the quantity of a good or service demanded to the percentage change in the price …   Energy terms

  • Cross elasticity of demand — Economics …   Wikipedia

  • Cross Elasticity Of Demand — An economic concept that measures the responsiveness in the quantity demand of one good when a change in price takes place in another good. The measure is calculated by taking the percentage change in the quantity demanded of one good, divided by …   Investment dictionary

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